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Recipe: Vegan Potato Salad

This week our recipe comes by request from one of our customers. As an aside, I often get asked if we’ll share our recipes from our Family Meals, Café or CSA products and I wanted to let you all know I’m happy to do so! In fact, it gives me great ideas for what to write each week so definitely feel free to reach out and you might just see it in the next newsletter.

Growing up in a small Nebraska town, potato salad was a staple at every summer barbecue. This often meant that traditional, rich potato salad full of mayonnaise and hard boiled eggs. While I’m not opposed to any of this it can become heavy and a little boring after a while. So, more recently I’ve found myself turning to a little lighter version of potato salad that draws upon extra virgin olive oil, spicy mustard, and a plethora of fresh garden herbs to bring big flavor without all the weighty ingredients. This lighter version I feel also serves as a wonderful canvas for fresh, crunchy vegetables such as our garden grown celery. This recipe is infinitely adaptable to whatever you may have on hand. The key is in three things… 1) Properly cooking the potatoes, 2) Mixing the ingredients while still warm, and 3) Don’t be afraid with the mustard! By the way, this potato salad just happens to be vegan!

MAKE Potato Salad (Vegan!)

About 4 servings

1 lb Potatoes – I prefer a waxy variety such as Red Bliss or Yukon Gold, you can even sub in a little sweet potato, cut in 1 inch chunks

2 Ribs Celery and the celery leaves – Sliced ¼ inch and leaves chopped like herbs

1 Red Bell Pepper – Small Dice

½ Bunch of Scallion – Sliced

¼ Chopped Herbs – Whatever you like! We forage the garden for whatever we have but dill is a favorite if you got it!

3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon Red or White Wine Vinegar

¼ Cup Whole Grain Dijon Mustard – I do this to taste really as varieties of mustard can vary a lot in their potency.

2 Tablespoons Distilled Vinegar

Salt & Pepper to taste


1) Place the potatoes in a pot with just enough water to cover. Add the distilled vinegar to the water (you can technically use any vinegar but distilled will work for this and it’s the cheapest!) The vinegar will help prevent the potatoes from falling apart.

2) Bring to a gentle simmer and cook until a knife pierces to the center with just a bit of resistance. Drain and set aside.

3) Once the potatoes have drained thoroughly place them in a large mixing bowl with the celery, bell pepper, scallion, and herbs.

4) Add the mustard, olive oil, wine vinegar (or you could use lemon juice), salt and pepper. Toss thoroughly and taste. Adjust seasoning to your taste. I like a good bite from the mustard and prefer to use a good whole grain one if I have it. Its also important to toss while the potatoes are still a bit warm as they will absorb more flavor.

5) Eat warm or cold!

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