2021 Impact Report

MAKE Projects 2021 Impact Report.jpg

Hot off the presses is our first annual report!


Read about our first year and all the positive impact and achievements our employment social enterprise has generated in a short amount of time.

We simply cannot wait to build on this momentum and accomplish even more in 2022. 

As of December 2021, MAKE Projects has changed the lives of

223 Job Trainees

Our job trainees have represented over

26 Countries

MAKE Cafe, globally inspired locally sourced food
Henna, image of job trainee at MAKE Projects
MAKE Cafe, MAKE Projects catering, MAKE Projects in Edible San Diego

Photos by Olivia Hayo for Edible San Diego

Culinary Trainee- Nicole Bonane

“They taught me how to cook, communicate, interview, and now I can become a chef. I'm now working with Urban Corps and getting my GED."

- Nicole Bonane, Culinary Trainee 2020

Who We Served in 2020


Sara, Kitchen Trainee

[MAKE Projects] helped me get a job in home care because I was able to practice my interview and the work looked good on my resume. And I learned how to work well with other people!

Elizabeth, Youth Trainee

It’s a safe place to be heard, and where everyone can learn about you and your culture. It brings and creates a special bond… We were first shy, but we instantly got comfortable and we talked to each other, even on the bus to/from home. 

Jasmine, Kitchen Trainee

I went to school to become a nurse because of the English improvement I gained from [the culinary program]

“The experience [I had] at FarmWorks has helped me prepare in jobs and communication by practicing mock interviews. Though it is called FarmWorks, the internship experience expands onto job readiness training as well as assist in designing newsletters and magazines. I think the overall learning being taught is a helpful resource especially for high school students who have not worked before.”


Tina Nguyen, Youth FarmWorks 2020  

Youth Farmworks Intern- Tina Nguyen