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Our Job Readiness Program 

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Phase 1
FREE Job Readiness Trainings and Services to get "Job-Ready" at MAKE Projects. 
must pass a simple MAKE Projects application and interview to proceed. 

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Phase 2
Real-World, Paid Work Experience as an Adult or Youth Trainee at the MAKE Projects ($16.85 PLUS TIPS)

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Phase 3
Job Placement for a Permanent Job after 10 weeks (youth) or 12 weeks (adult) working at the MAKE Projects


  • Must be available to work shifts on Thursday or Friday evenings (4:30-8:30) and Saturday or Sunday mornings (8:30-2:00)

  • Refugee or immigrant background (either yourself or your parents)

  • Commitment to permanent employment in the U.S.

  • U.S. work authorization for adults and valid work permit for youth enrolled in school 

  • ​CalFresh/EBT-enrolled families are prioritized (we will help you enroll!)

  • At least 16 years old and enrolled in school

ADULT Program

  • Job Readiness TrainingsFree trainings with MAKE Projects' Employment Coaches to address digital literacy, childcare, transportation and basic vocational English barriers to maximize the MAKE work experience

  • Must pass simple interview and job application to be hired into MAKE Projects - our application and job interview questions are posted here so you you can practice, OR you can attend our Friday on-site workshops with an Employment Coach

  • 12-week paid work experience and job readiness training

  • 1-on-1 Employment Services to prepare for post-MAKE job applications and interviews

  • Job placement and retention services 

YOUTH Program

  • 10-weeks total

  • Phase One: Two weeks, total 10-hour paid orientation and training before invitation to apply for a MAKE Projects Restaurant position

  • MAKE Projects job placement depends on successful completion of orientation and training 

  • Phase Two: 8-weeks of paid work experience in the MAKE Projects Restaurant every Saturday and Sunday 

  • Job Placement and Career Development Services for all program graduates

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