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Recipe: Marjoram Marinara & Braised Fresh Fish

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Our recipe this week is all about simplicity and bright flavors. While I love pan seared fish with crispy skin, braised fish has a wonderful, silky texture that is hard to beat. It's also incredibly easy and fast! The key is using fresh, high quality ingredients as anything less will really show its weakness in such a simple recipe. Along with this, choose a fish that is super fresh and local if possible. I would suggest pacific sole for something lighter or pacific halibut or red snapper for something slightly meatier. Really, any white fleshed fish would work here so long as it's super fresh! Follow the recipe and keep an eye on your fish to kill the heat as soon as it's cooked. You want it just barely cooked through as it will continue to cook off the heat since its bathed in that braising liquid. Serve with any simple starch such as polenta, steamed rice, or pasta and enjoy!

Braised Fish with Marinara Ingredients 2 Cups Marinara Sauce 4 – 5 oz Fish Fillets – Sole, Red snapper, halibut, or any white fleshed fish ½ Lemon Salt Procedure

  1. Use a saute pan with a lid just large enough to hold the fillets.

  2. Pour the marinara sauce in the pan and gently place the fish fillets in the sauce so they do not overlap.

  3. Season the fillets directly with salt

  4. Cover the pan with the lid and bring to a bare simmer. Do not boil as the fish will overcook quickly.

  5. Simmer gently until fish is just cooked through and flaking. Watch carefully so it doesn’t overcook and remember it will continue to cook a little off the heat. Depending on the thickness of your fillets this may only take 3-5 minutes once its reached a bare simmer.

  6. Remove the lid and squeeze lemon over the fish.

  7. Serve immediately with polenta, pasta, or rice!

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