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Growth and Transformation

Dear Friends,

Reflecting on our 2021 impact, I can't tell you who has grown and transformed more - our trainees starting out with fear in their eyes and blossoming into confident and

joyful colleagues...or our little team also staring out into the dark expanse as we leapt out onto our own. Again and again,

I saw that with the support of all the warm customers, staff and volunteers, our trainees could successfully move past the fear when they focused on the work. And just showing up and doing the work guided them to the realization they have the skills, enough words, and all the ability to achieve their goals in America. MAKE Projects simply reveals their own power to themselves, and just as importantly, to the San Diego community. And similarly, this same community - you dear supporter -showed us that we too have all that we need to achieve our dreams. 2021 showed me personally that while the mountaintop may be high and clouds may

block the views (and even the path on some days), that simply showing up and focusing on the work is all we need to do.

And now, looking back onto 2021 and taking stock of all our individual and collective growth and transformation, I have no doubts about our road to success. We've been walking on it all this

time, alongside our trainees, with you...and I can't wait to see the

new sights that await us all in 2022.

With deep gratitude,

Anchi Mei

Founder & Executive Director

MAKE Projects

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