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Recipe:Verbena Lemonade

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Farmer Robbie had some fragrant verbena this week that was due to be cut back, so we’ve taken it and created a homemade lemonade concentrate infused with the leaves. This is a multi-purpose concentrate that you can add water to and make a refreshing pitcher for the kids or add a little gin or vodka for a perfect cocktail for the adults! It can also serve as a syrup for brushing on homemade crepes or drizzled over pancakes for a departure from the traditional maple syrup. The possibilities are really endless and feel free to share what you come up with on our social media! Note: For this concentrate, mix approximately 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water but feel free to adjust to suit your personal taste for sweet/less sweet. So, our pint container will make approximately 2 quarts of lemonade without ice.

Verbena Lemonade Ingredients 2 Cups Sugar 1 ¼ Cups Water 2 ¼ Cups Lemon Juice ½ cup Loosely Pack Verbena Leaves Instructions

  1. Place sugar and water in a medium sized pot and bring to a boil

  2. Stir to fully dissolve sugar and turn off the heat.

  3. Add the verbena leaves and allow to steep off the heat 10-15 minutes

  4. Strain into a large container and discard leaves

  5. Add lemon juice and allow to cool before covering and placing in the refrigerator

  6. Concentrate will keep about 2 weeks in the refrigerator or 6 months in the freezer (Allow a little room in the container for expansion if freezing)

  7. Dilute at a ratio of about 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate for typical lemonade but adjust to your preference


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