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Comfort food is like a teddy bear. It is something you can turn to when things just aren’t going right. Comfort food is food that you love to eat to make you feel good. Some people use food in a therapeutic way. My favorite comfort food is Sambusa.

This is a Somali recipe. I learned it by watching my mom and my sisters

around Ramadan and I was able to make

my own variation. They are really good

and I can't stop eating them. They are

served during Ramadan, weddings,

parties, or just because. For a variation,

you can substitute shredded beef for

ground beef. There are certain requirements for my

Sambusa to be perfect. The first

requirement is it must be cooked by

my mom or anyone in my family.

If it doesn’t come from them, it doesn’t go in my stomach. The second requirement is it must be warm. Who would want to eat

a cold Sambusa? The effect it has on me

is it makes me happy and satisfies my

craving. Even though a sambusa is the best comfort food ever, there is also a

not-so-good side to it. A Sambusa is not the healthiest food in the world. The hard

shell is deep-fried in oil to get the

crunch. Too much meat is also not good

to eat all the time. Therefore, we don’t know how much fat is in the meat . However, all of this doesn’t matter to me because me and my family only eat in Ramadan.

Comfort food is good to have so you have something to turn to. However, eating comfort food too often is not good. It can really have a bad effect on your health by eating greasy or fattening foods. Here’s a suggestion... pick a comfort food that’s healthy. This way you satisfy your emotions and stay healthy at the same time. I’m going to stick to my samosa no matter what.

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