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Sambusa – My Comfort Food

Sambusa. A simple tortilla fried in a triangle filled with varieties of fillings. A preparation that takes ages with the hot stove and hurting back. Yet, it always pays off because of the happy smiles brightening any room once the dish is served.

Sambusa is a popular East African dish that is served almost everywhere and has made its way to so many countries in the world. Personally being sick of the dish, I can never get sick of how happy people are when they hear the word. Watching and listening to other cultures enjoy a dish that I grew up with. Growing up I got tired of all the work that went into something so small, all the times that I argued with my mother to please not make us make them tonight. It is sad now to think that I was arguing with my mom over a simple triangle. However, now writing this it just makes me realize how much emotion goes into it.

Although this is only a single simple food, I see it as something more. Not only does it contain ingredients but also emotions. Love, happiness, and compassion. The first time I realized Sambusa had such a large impact was in elementary school, where I grew up around the majority of white people. We had to present something, anything that was close to us. I decided to present my country, Sudan. I brought in Sambusas, although knowing it doesn’t really originate from our country, to give them a taste of how our food is seasoned, cooked and prepared. I was shocked that they loved it so much, and as I got older, I realized that I really enjoy making others happy and always want the best for them.

A simple Sambusa can light someone’s day up, and I am happy the food has been able to circle around the world and make its impact. Being in comfort means being in a state of calmness and distress, Sambusas allow people to be in comfort. No matter if there is a feud or tension between two people or dozens, everyone’s focus changes to the food. Something many crave and want to savor for a long time. This comfort food constantly gives me nostalgia. It holds a strong value to me, a Sambusa is hard and strong on the outside, however on the inside there are so many other combinations to it. It illustrates my own personality in a way, I usually am not quick to show how emotional or loveable I am, and I’ve found that putting up a wall is much easier for me. Yet just like when you bite into a Sambusa you start to see all the different things inside it and start to understand the flavors.

Even if you don’t enjoy the food, you can never get tired of seeing others enjoy it.

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