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Sweet Peppers

We grow a mix of sweet Italian roasting peppers. We think they’re way tastier than bell peppers. Did you know a green pepper is just an unripe red or orange pepper? We harvest all our peppers when fully ripe to make sure they are as sweet and flavorful as possible. 


Peppers like to be cool but not cold. Ripe peppers will keep for about five days in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Since they are ethylene sensitive, try to store them away from ethylene-producing fruit which will make them spoil faster. Once roasted, put them in a jar with olive oil and keep them in the refrigerator for weeks, if not longer. Roasted peppers also freeze well in ziploc bags. 

Cooking Tips

Roasting peppers are delicious raw or cooked. You can stuff peppers with seasoned whole grains or meat; stew them as a topping for toast, tacos, or a grain bowl; or roast or grill them before making a Romesco sauce or homemade pimento cheese. They’re also delicious in Shakshuka or in an Italian egg & pepper sandwich. 


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