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We love beets! But we know some of you may not love them yet. If that's you, we say: beets are well worth reconsidering. They’re incredibly nutritious, sweet-as-candy, versatile, and stunningly beautiful. 


If you get beets with their greens on, cut the greens off the roots and store them separately in plastic bags in your fridge. The roots without their greens will last for weeks, if not months.   

Cooking Tips

We’ve found that the key to delicious beets is cooking them until fully tender and dressing them generously with lemon or vinegar while still warm. Though you can certainly eat beets raw in a smoothie or salad, or steam them, we like them best roasted. Roast a batch of beets ahead of time and use them throughout the week to make dips, soups, sandwiches, or salads. They are also good as quick vinegar pickles or made into a probiotic drink called kvass. If they come with greens, cook the greens as you would chard.


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