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Meet Stephanie

FarmWork Intern, 2020
MAKE Projects Youth FarmWorks Intern- Stephanie

Stephanie is a second generation Vietnamese high school student from City Heights who loves sharing her own story and listening to other people’s stories.  


After being a part of the FarmWorks Editorial Internship, Stephanie was inspired to reach out and connect to her community more. Since graduating FarmWorks Stephanie has taken on leadership positions with multiple organizations (The Social Justice Academy, When We All Vote, First Generation Scholars Program) delivering impactful social media and writing content.  Through her leadership positions, Stephanie has not only continued to develop her digital media skills by creating content like infographics for social media and writing articles on youth voting and social advocacy, but also had the opportunity to gain a new lens on other cultures, hobbies, and foods. All while striving to build meaningful relationships with the people around her.  


Stephanie wants to figure out her pathway herself — without conforming to societal interests and pressures and do things based on her own passions and interests. She will be attending UCLA next year to study anthropology with a focus on different ethnic and cultural groups that form society. Stephanie hopes to become a journalist or market research analyst in the future. 

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